About Us

Familas Quánticas is a psychotherapeutic support centre which provides families of children and young people with cancer or leukaemia adopt tools to skilfully respond to the situation of the disease.

Our Mission is:

To provide systemic tools to families of children and adolescents with cancer or leukaemia, for each of its members ability to respond to the crisis situation that causes the disease.

Our Vision is:

We are comprehensively supporting the person, pushing to grow ecologically within the overall system in which there is: Family, environment, community, society, nation, humankind and more.


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A Benefactor of Familas Quánticas is a human person with good moral character. Has a benevolent heart, has productive hands, move his effect and errant assumes a look of hope on the horizon.

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Name: Familias Quánticas A.C.

Start your experience or share it with us because we know that… the Will…it is the highest exercise of freedom!


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